CHAIM MACHLEV, tattoo artist

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Chaim’s line art is very organic, rhythmic and harmonious on the body, as you can see in his designs. He started tattooing only in 2012, and stated that he got into tattooing because of his first tattoo, done by Avi Vanunu, because it was the strongest impact on hs life, as he found the tattooing procedure a very spiritual and life changing one.
His style is split betwen very minimalistic lines and very detailed mandalas, most of it being freehand.
He stated that “Most of the lines are designed, and the process of designing is sometimes longer than the tattooing process itself. Our bodies are not symmetric, and to try to put a symmetric design on a non-symmetric object most of the time ends with it looking like a sticker.”

He also experiments a lot, to develop his own style and to create something individual daily.

“I use black as the main color for my tattoos simply because I think that it is the only color that will look timeless on a timeless design.
I also think that it looks good on our bodies, more than any other color. I do use red sometimes, but it is very rare.”




Berlin, Germany / Traveling

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Text: Patricia Pitner